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ABOUT HELM is an exquisite collection of reclaimed wall coverings, painstakingly constructed from old de-commissioned fishing boats. Each HELM 3d feature wall echoes a story of a life passed, bringing quirk and character to any residential or commercial interior

TECHNICAL INFO PRODUCT TYPE: Tesselated solid wood wall tiles

STRUCTURE: Reclaimed hardwood pieces on a mesh backing

FINISH: Wax - no finishing required after installation

Applications: Residential & Commercial - Interior only

INSTALLATION: Direct stick or nail 

MANUFACTURING PROCESS 1) Fishing boats are stripped apart and the salvaged wood is sorted and stacked by size 2) The salvaged boatwood is taken to the factory where it is de-nailed, steamed and kiln dried 3) The boatwood is cut up into pieces. Expert craftsmen painstakingly re- work the boatwood into wall tiles 4) The completed boatwood tile is coated with a wax finish and left to dry. It is then ready for your wall.