Wall & Ceiling

Wall & Ceiling

At Nufloors Australia, we source and supply a wide range of Luxury Wall & Ceiling Paneling - Imondi's salvaged products are made from all kinds of reclaimed timbers, ranging from wood rescued from decommissioned boats and barns to the wooden poles in the Venetian canals. Imondi is big on sustainability and believes their range of reclaimed engineered wall and floor products are the most environmentally friendly range available currently on the market. 

HELM is an exquisite collection of reclaimed wall coverings, painstakingly constructed from old de-commissioned fishing boats. Each HELM feature wall transports you back to a story of a life passed, bringing quirk and character to any residential or commercial interior. 
The Tactile range of rough textured Oak wall paneling, Marketed in a variety of plank sizes. This range is factory-made on a job by job basis, with colors and effects entirely customizable and also the product pre-finished to your preference. Tactile wall paneling could be a distinctive and attention-grabbing product that may add wow-factor to any area. Its supposed to be direct stuck or nailed to a wall surface. Tactile wall panelling is a unique and eye-catching product that will add wow-factor to any space. 

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Having Luxury 3d Wall Panels in your home is a great asset to your property.  Easily maintained and dust free, luxury wall panels are a practical and aesthetically appealing architectural feature. At Nufloors Australia, our specialist service team has installed Luxury wall panelling in many different residential and commercial properties throughout Australia.  

If you would like stunning Wall & Ceiling Paneling in your residence or commercial building, please feel free to give our specialists a call to book a consultation and receive a free quote. Our flooring team is more than happy to guide you through our processes and to discuss design detail. 

Nu-floors has a large selection of reclaimed, antique vintage and wall coverings in Australia.

We have several varieties including, Imondi salvage floor and wall coverings; Salvage is a collection of genuine reclaimed Oak wall Linings.  Helm is a unique range of reclaimed Boat-wood paneling and wall coverings.  Tactile is a collection of textured Oak wall Coverings & paneling; The Manor Collection is the kind of flooring you would see in old European castles.

Need a look that is different from the standard reclaimed wood flooring products seen around the internet? Hand-scraped, or maybe just hand-beveled edges? Herringbone? Chevron? While all of our floorings is made-to-order, occasionally someone’s mind’s eye sees something not regularly offered. In those cases, our understanding of and access to a wide variety of recycled antique woods combined with our experience and overseas custom-ordering capabilities allow us to consult and bring that vision to life.

The custom-staining we offer can pull our reclaimed wood flooring into your palette or give it stark contrast. We have developed proprietary recycled wood flooring products for many designers and look forward to working with you on your needs and desires. We offer a series of reclaimed Wood coverings hand-made from authentic reclaimed wood from around the world.

These “Timber Tiles & Wall Linings” will add instant desire and a dimension to any residential or commercial space. While the popularity of the reclaimed wood is incredible, the story and history behind each individually selected piece are even better. Easn series of  Wood Tiles come in a range of formats, patterns, and colours. Each of our “reclaimed wall Coverings” tiles is pre-coated with a low VOC, water-based finish so they can be installed as wall systems, backsplashes or artwork while other Styles come raw and unfinished for a unique look all their own.

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