The Manor Collection is an exclusive range of French Oak luxury flooring with a focus on rustic,  antique and aged-look styles. Each floor is meticulously crafted to a very high standard, with specialist aging techniques used to replicate the colour and texture of an authentically aged floor. A Manor Collection Floor will bring character and depth to any space, with a broad range of plank sizes and colours available to suit all kinds of requirements.  

The Manor Collection is a selection of Luxurious French Oak antique flooring crafted from real French Oak. The flooring collected here is aged employing a range of techniques, previous - ensuing in remarkably authentic-looking aged floors. From medallions to large wide planks, chevron and herringbone patterns, All Manor collection products are constructed construction with a solid hardwood wear layer on a base of cross-directional hardwood ply. Flooring from the Manor Collection will give a very authentic luxury aged feel to any interior. 

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Versailles medallions and planks that are beautifully aged, carefully handcrafted, bespoke - just how you like it. - The Manor Collection. Think the kind of LUXURY flooring you would see in old French castles. 

Note: Most of this range is available by pre-order only, except for styles noted 'STOCK ITEM.' 

Having French Oak Luxury Flooring in your home is a great asset to your property. Easily maintained and dust free, luxury floors are a practical and aesthetically appealing architectural feature. At Nufloors Australia, our specialist service team has installed Luxury flooring in many different residential and commercial properties throughout Australia. At Nufloors Australia, we source, supply and install a broad range of Luxury hardwood flooring to suit all types of household interiors. We fit high-quality European Oak flooring, French Oak Flooring to name a few.

Superior Luxury Wooden Flooring Installation Services 

It is essential that your timber flooring is installed correctly to the highest possible standard. More than 95% of problems that occur with hardwood floors are a direct result of faulty or incorrect flooring installation techniques. Sub-standard installations can cause many significant issues, and any warranty will be void from the manufacturer. Nufloors Australia has over 39 years’ experience fitting timber flooring in Australia. 

All of our staff are AFTA qualified specialists or are currently undergoing the Australian Timber Flooring Association Industry Training process. Our high level of experience and expertise in this area reassures our clients that we are meeting Australia's skills and standards. With Nufloors Australia, we will handle every aspect of the reliable hardwood flooring installation process using correct preparation techniques. 

Our Specialist Flooring Installation Method 

Installing luxury oak flooring is a complicated, intricate process. Once the concrete or timber subfloor has been prepared, the installation process begins. This involves floorboards being stuck onto the sub-floor with a direct stick glue. A glued-down, hardwood floor requires every board to be firmly fixed to the sub-floor and relies on the stability of the timber. It also needs appropriately placed, expansion gaps to allow for seasonal movement. 

A glued-down floor has a more solid sound when walked on, and the total thickness is 14-19mm from the sub-floor, depending on the wooden flooring chosen. However, some sub-floors are not suitable for the direct stick method. Our hardwood flooring installation specialists will advise you as to which is the best method for your particular application, to ensure no cupping or shrinking occurs. We do not recommend floating installations unless pre-finished engineered flooring (Woodline or UrbanPlank) is chosen. 

If you would like stunning hardwood floors in your residence or commercial building, please feel free to give our specialists a call to book a consultation and receive a free quote. We are more than happy to guide you through our processes and to discuss design detail. 

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