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Make your mark with Magnitude. A Magnitude floor is pure luxury in your interior. The matt-shiny laminate not only looks like a real oak floor, it feels like one too. The original Chromezone technology guarantees a true-to- nature look and feel, creating a sense of depth in every room.

CHROMEZONE® - The exclusive Chromezone® technology enhances the True to nature® touch by giving the wood grains

The exclusive Chrome Zone® Technology enhances the True to Nature Touch® by giving the wood grains a radiant luster. Chrome Zone® Technology is a combination of décor, surface structure and a new & revolutionary technique that consists of giving the wood grains a vivid and radiant luster on a matt surface. This technology prints chrome on the wood grains, making them shiny. The result is a magnificent matt-chrome finish.

MICRO V-GROOVE® - Balterio created the subtle micro V-groove for a unique wood plank appearance.

TRUE TO NATURE® - The embossed in register process gives you the feel of a solid wood floor.

With the embossed in register process, the laminate becomes really true to nature. The surface structure matches the underlaying wood décor perfectly and gives you the feel of a solid wood floor.