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Ultra is an engineered flooring plank, supplied pre-finished and ready to use as soon as installation is complete. The point of difference with Ultra is in its thickness; while many engineered floors are around 15mm thick, Ultra is 21mm thick - equivalent to most solid timber floors. It has a 6mm wear layer which allows you to re sand it 4-5 times if you wish to refresh your look, this is the same amount of re sands you would get from most solid timber floors.


Why choose engineered flooring? The core of engineered flooring is made up of multiple cross-directional plywood layers. This construction ensures optimum stability and durability and avoids problems that are common with solid timber floors (such as warping, cupping and shrinkage). Once installed, it’s virtually impossible to distinguish.


Ultra from a solid timber floor. Ultra makes a very a robust and stable floor and although slightly more expensive than 15mm engineered flooring, its generous wear layer provides a much greater lifespan.


Ultra is a robust collection, offering a thicker wear layer that will take more resands and therefore have a longer lifespan. It has the equivalent wear layer of a traditional solid wood floor and will give you the same look and feel, whilst providing extra stability due to its engineered construction. 

  • Supplied pre-finished, requires no further finishing after installation
  • 189mm W x 21mm H x 2.2m L, 6mm engineered top layer
  • Tongue & groove joint system
  • Recommended to be direct stuck