Wide Plank Flooring Explained

Notably for contemporary interiors. Once you’re creating your flooring selections, it’s an honest plan to contemplate whether or standard or wide plank wood flooring would best fit your project. As a general rule of thumb, the smaller the rooms, the smaller the plank width, large rooms, stately homes and entertainment rooms will suit a modern wide plank floor.  You ’re best to pick Manor, grande wide plank flooring 

Today, flooring planks are available numerous shapes and sizes which suggests you'll be able to just about get your hands any flooring plank size, (depending of course on your budget!). We recall in history at the trends and designs of wood flooring, we’ve seen everything from very slim, 6.0cm floorboards, and in some cases even narrower, to virtually 2 feet wide planks. With this variety of plank widths being in and out of fashion at numerous times within the past, it comes as no surprise that slim and wide planks to the current day, move into and out of fashion like most different things.

Today, the bulk of normal wide - wood flooring planks range between 150mm and 200mm wide, like this Rustic Oak flooring. That said, Nufloors stock one of the longest floorboards in wide plank flooring, the manor - Grande range is 3.9m long 40mmm wide, now that's extreme wide plank flooring. 

When wide plank floors are created, they're cut, not astonishingly from the center of the tree, which suggests that to realize, the wider boards you require, the larger the tree needs to be. At the danger of oversimplifying things, larger trees take longer to grow and as a result, command a way higher value. Attributable to this methodology of production, it is smart to think that, slim planks will be “harvested” from a standard tree trunk than wide boards. This is why and what makes wide boards more expensive. Add this to the very fact that wide boards tend to be longer than normal boards and don't fit easily into a shipping container,  and you begin to realize that exclusivity in design, comes with a corresponding price tag that wide boards are supplied in.

Wide floorboards astonishingly will facilitate small rooms to look larger similarly as giving a less formal look to your interior. Whereas your budget might not stretch to introducing wide wood flooring boards throughout your home, there's nothing to mention you can’t combine wider and narrower planks to make a classy result. Nufloors Manor range has a system of 5 designer boards that interlock. That said, engineered wood flooring, attributable to the means in which is produced, offers a significant wide board answer that won’t break the bank. 250mm engineered wooden flooring is an excellent wide board choice, that permits you to make the design you’re seeking at a fraction of the value of solid wood. The likes of our ------ engineered Oak Flooring or our extreme engineered wide Oak Flooring, can allow you to realize a really fascinating wide plank look, while not entirely blowing your budget.