Timber Floors Options

When it involves ‘faking it’ timber flooring is right at the Top of the fake look list. 

Fake timber flooring comes in many forms, shapes, and sizes as well as a whole host of various materials. Vinyl flooring that’s created to seem like timber, ceramic tiles that are constructed to look like timber, as well as timber laminate flooring is some standard choices. However with timber flooring there no mistake on originality, style, class and a sense of feeling at home, why would anyone need another flooring option? 

Here are some misconceptions people have regarding timber flooring. 

Timber flooring is expensive: QUITE merely NOT TRUE…With all the competition within the timber flooring market, it's currently possible to secure yourself an excellent quality timber floor that won’t break your budget (however small that budget might be). 

Timber flooring is hard to maintain: QUITE merely NOT TRUE…as we’ve already aforementioned, all you need is a quick vacuum and a quick Bona mop, and it’s ‘job done’. 

Engineered timber flooring is that the same as laminate flooring: QUITE merely NOT TRUE…this couldn’t be further away from the reality, and here’s why. 

One of the foremost common misconceptions that involve engineered timber flooring is that it’s an equivalent or the same as laminated timber flooring. That would not be further away from the reality. Engineered timber flooring is a man-made flooring option, however, not like laminate, it's created with natural wood products and is topped off with a solid timber layer, which makes it completely different from laminated flooring, which imitates timber. 

So what specifically is laminate timber flooring? Laminate flooring is a comparatively recent addition to the range of flooring options available on the market which first appeared in the late Seventies. It originally launched as a competition to vinyl flooring. Created from generally five layers, laminate flooring can be created to seem like all material the manufacturer desires. As a result, effectively the top layer that makes up the image is merely that, an image. 

Here is how a laminate timber board is structured, from rock bottom up: 

At rock bottom, you’ll notice a layer of resin that effectively provides some structure and stability to the board and provides some resistance to moisture. This is called the balance layer.

After that, there’ll ordinarily be a layer of high-density particle board (HDF) that's the core of the development of any laminate floor. It's this component that offers the flooring its strength and sturdiness. 

Then you’ll notice a picture, yes, an image! This layer of laminate flooring is what tricks people into thinking that they may be staring at a bit of wood or a bit of granite, however only that they’re looking from a distance! This layer is actually a printout of a computer-generated image that has been created to look sort of a natural material. There's doubt from the very fact that computer-generated pictures will be very spectacular, however, once it involves flooring, it looks crazy to prefer a photograph of a real timber floor when you can have the real thing! 

This whole is finished off with a clear top layer that protects the image from changing and becoming worn and scratched.